Dear Recipient:
Creativity is my forte. I consume a passion for writing and constantly journal when I can. It has always been a dream of mine to own a blog but I never got around to it because I believe I am more help to other writers. In high school, I excelled in English, creative writing and composition classes. As for college, I requested to take creative writing, communication, and writing composition courses.
I have experience in business management, psychology, assistant skills, finance accounting and bookkeeping. Part-time I am a high school volleyball coach, so it is not only my job to be a coach but a counselor to young adults to teach them the sport and important life lessons.
Overall I believe that I am well-rounded in many skills that can potentially be of use you job opportunity, and I believe that I qualify as a candidate for the positon. I hope to look forward to hearing back from you, and thank you for your time.
Jadelynn Cabreros

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