Worthy – Sarina Cover Letter

Hi Emilia and the Worthy of Love team,

I found your company’s mission extremely inspirational! I’m a mom of two girls and currently work as a project manager handling high volume marketing and data projects for million dollar revenue accounts. Twice a week I’m able to work remotely and the experience has been beyond eye opening. As someone who tries to maximize my time, the avoidance of 2-3 hours of traffic on those days has been life altering and my new years goal is to be able to work remotely 5 days a week.

I have five years of experience managing WordPress and social media accounts for universities and non profit agencies. I’m also an avid writer (both published and self-published) and would enthusiastically write blog posts as well. I’m not trained in therapy, but have the scars of narcissistic abuse from my family too. I believe I could be able to speak from the heart on the subject. I’m tech savvy and personable – enjoying the detailed work of creating processes with cutting edge tools as well as building human relationships via email and phone across distances.

Over all, I believe that Worthy of Love can benefit from my abilities in the following areas:
• Expertise of JIRA, Basecamp, Slack, WordPress (HTML + CSS), Adobe, Google & Microsoft Suites
• Tech savvy, outgoing Jane-of-all-trades with a solution oriented attitude
• Belief that customer service and communication are the backbone of success
• Enthusiasm for the written word and possessing a survivor/lover ethos at heart

I’m a quick learner looking for a long term opportunity where I can continue to grow and impact the world remotely. I welcome the chance to speak with you!

Warm regards,


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