WordPress Content Manager

To Matthew,

I found your job listing on HireMyMom.com and a WordPress Content Manager would be a great fit. I have all the qualifications and knowledge you listed in the post.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. I also have experience in graphic design and basic web development. I’m currently running all my websites through WordPress and always preferred it for hosting. Through the companies I’ve worked for, I have done everything from customer service, social media marketing, client support, content creation and design.

I am familiar with and always learning different softwares and code. If there’s one I haven’t used, I can figure it out in a short time.

You will not only find me to be an effective content manager but a passionate one. If there’s one thing that happily keeps me up at night, it’s getting a website right.

I live in Los Angeles, so I wouldn’t be able to attend those coffee shop meetings. However, I’d love to chat with you for an interview. My number is 818-319-5194.

Thank you for your time!
Franzine Mackley

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