Women magazine cover letter

Katherine “Katie” Ward

Hello. I am very interested in the job you posted. My current position requires excellent writing and grammar skills as I communicate to our clients frequently through professional sounding emails. I also must enter notes into our reports which are complete, grammatically correct sentences.
You also mention finding someone who has a passion for women’s issues. As a woman myself, I’m interested in women’s issues. I also work with the girls and young women in my church’s youth group, teaching them the importance of loving each other and not falling in the trap of gossip and jealousy. I believe self love and building confidence is the foundation for young women to make good decisions for themselves and the trajectories of their lives. I’ve been involved in many other small ways to help women throughout the years as I am always looking for any way I can give gifts, my money, or my time. I would love to also help you in this way, as I believe I have the skills you require. I hope to hear from you. Please contact me through one of the ways listed above.

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