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Willow & Everett – Hire My Mom

Willow & Everett

Hi Benjamin and Leigh,

That’s me! And as I kept reading I became more and more excited about your company and how I can contribute as your Graphic Designer. Also, I’d like to mention up front, that I hugely appreciate that my goals are considered! As a multi-potentialite, I have many goals (!) and they mostly involve a creative living, exploring our world, and connecting with like-minded, entrepreneurial people. With this in mind, I am excited to apply to your Graphic Design position.

I have been a successful freelance, primarily remote, graphic designer and virtual assistant for many years, so I have a solid background in autonomously taking action, setting and achieving ambitious goals, and working with tight deadlines. Besides “that looks great”, my most commonly heard feedback is: “That’s done already?! Awesome!”

A your graphic designer, I will bring to Willow & Everett a(n):
-Engaging and consistently designed projects for marketing
-Easy-going yet committed member of your team who happily works well alone and with a team (truly!)
-Detail-focused efficiency to ensure that all listings are consistent and appealing to customers
-Willing experimenter to rigorously test ideas and reach ambitious goals

And, someone who will be committed long-term to helping Willow & Everett grow and succeed.

I believe in and live by the mission of ‘less stuff, more soul happiness’, and I would be proud to help a like-minded company grow. I would love to chat more about the position and I am excited about the chance to work with your company. Further, I am open to a trial month together, so we can determine our compatibility. I look forward to hearing from you!


Amy Vespa

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Willow & Everett

Hello, I am responding to your posting on Hiremymom.com for a Marketing Manager. I have completed the survey as requested. I believe I am the person you are looking for. My professional experience includes marketing, project management, account management, engineering design, customer service, customer training and consulting activities. Most recently I have been providing consulting services to small businesses. I am looking for an opportunity that would allow me to utilize my talents while growing with a company. I look forward to speaking with you soon to discuss how my background and qualifications can work for you. Thank you for your time and I hope to speak with you soon. Sincerely, Brenna Hall-Brown 951-515-3308

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