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Good afternoon Leigh,

My name is Liz Unger, and I am the mother of two living in New Canaan, CT. My background is a great fit for the role you need to fill! After many years in corporate marketing, three years ago I traded in my full time job to become a preschool teacher. I love teaching, but would also like to utilize my training and the skills I developed in the business world by freelancing. I am available to work part-time hours during the school year and full time during the summer.

I have had experience crafting cohesive marketing strategies for products and services at both American Express and Starwood Hotels & Resorts. I have experience developing marketing messages across multiple channels including digital campaigns, emails, print ads, collateral, sales materials and more. It was my role to coordinate the creation of these marketing materials among in-house stakeholders and external agencies to create an aesthetic, cohesive, targeted brand message that met specific objectives such as product trial, increased revenue, increased customer engagement, and customer loyalty. I also have experience testing marketing, and could design effective A/B testing to isolate relevant messaging, art, headlines, offers, placements and more for various customer segments.

In looking over your website and Amazon store, I see one of your core values is exceptional, well curated design– rather than expensive products—can drive enriching experiences. I appreciate that message and truly believe in its validity. I also believe I can help move your business goals forward.

And last but not least, as requested: “rigorosly” (should be rigorously) is misspelled.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Liz Unger

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