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Wildhearted Retreats – Hire My Mom

Wildhearted Retreats

Dear Ms. Woods:

I would like to submit my resume for your consideration of the VA position you have posted on hiremymom.com. As my resume will detail my work experience and skills, I thought I would highlight who I am here.

I am a 2.5 year Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor. I have been on a lifelong journey of personal growth, and not until after my cancer diagnosis did I realize that perhaps it was not so much that I needed to grow, but that perhaps it was the others around me.

I began pursuing some lifelong passions of mine near my one year cancerversary: photography (your photos are incredible by the way), teaching dog obedience, and working from home. I believe in doing what makes you happy. I also believe that many times we don’t know what it is that makes us happy. In my case I had to be diagnosed with an illness that could potentially kill me before I began asking myself what I was waiting for. To say I also have a passion for trying to help others find that happiness before they are 52 years old is putting it mildly.

I was very impressed by your website, and the obvious passion you have in helping others find and accept their passions as well. While I have never pursued this, I did 9 months of courses with CoachU, and therefore I am knowledgeable about the life coaching business. I feel my skills would be a great match for the direction you are wishing to move with this position.

I hope you’ll take the time to review my resume in more depth, and reach out to schedule a time where we could chat more. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

To capturing life ‘k’reatively!

Myra Horner

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Wildhearted Retreats

Hi there!

I would love to work with you! I have experience starting and growing three businesses from scratch. These include an app company, a tee shirt company, and a jewelry company. I am also handling social media for a dance studio right now as well. I have been writing my blog for several years (on living your best life) and just recently published two eBooks on my parenting toddlers and anxiety. My schedule is extremely flexible so I can be available whenever you need me! I am very passionate about wellness and living my best life as well as empowering others to do the same. You can find my business Instagram @todayisamiracle

I can’t wait to chat with you more!

Tahnie Woodward

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Wildhearted Retreats

Dear Ashlie,

I was thrilled to see your posting for virtual assistant at Wildhearted Retreats, your message speaks to me on many different levels. Changing lives and bringing fulfillment to others is a very commendable goal, one I hope to be involved in. Everyone should be having an enjoyable life instead of a bustling one that only leaves you drained and feeling not enough.

I am an administrative professional with more than 10 years of diversified experience working for private companies and government agencies. These experiences range from simple data entry to being the executive assistant for a small business owner. In all of my positions, I have had a multitude of roles and have always been happy to learn new programs or find a more effective process. Please see my attached resume for a fuller summary of my experience.

I am currently working part time as a Contract Manager for Summit Automotive Partners, which includes being an executive assistant to the head of the legal department, including help manage emails and appointments. I also am in charge of tracking documents through the approval process as well as managing reminders and storage for finalized documents. All of the department processes have been created by me, in conjunction with the department head, and has included research and recommendations for each of them. At one of my previous employers, The Browning Group II, LLC, I managed scheduling and emails for several different people, along with transcribing meeting notes and making small website updates weekly and managing client outreach. I was in charge of the small touches that made everyone feel valued and recognized.

While working for Summit Automotive Partners, I recently received my Bachelors in Business Management from Colorado State University-Global. Finishing school along with working has greatly increased my time management skills along with providing me with knowledge of current business theories.

I believe my large range of experience would be a beneficial addition to your company and would love the opportunity to speak to you further. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sarah Bustamante

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Wildhearted Retreats

To Whom It May Concern,

Hello! My name is Beth Garrison and I graduated from Bradley University in May 2010. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Sales-Marketing. I then continued my education at Olivet Nazarene University and earned a Masters in Teaching in May of 2013. I currently teach 2nd-Grade in a small town in Illinois. I am part of several committees for the district and run my schools PBIS team. I have had experience in many different areas of marketing. I had internships during college that gave me the skills and abilities to organize events and meetings, making sure they were executed as planned. During my internship at Make-A-Wish Foundation I coordinated a Blue Angels Event, did media announcements, and updated the corporate website for the Central Illinois office. While at Bradley I was president of the American Marketing Association and SONOR. Being president of both of these committees, gave me the ability and knowledge to be a leader. While in those positions I had to recruit members, give advice to underclassmen, and promote Bradley and the Marketing program. After graduation, I obtained a position as a Sales Professional at Cintas. I am a hard working, dedicated person who has a passion for teaching and marketing. I catch on to things quickly and excel quickly as well. I have used Google Apps and can learn any new software quickly and efficiently. I have an outgoing personality and I enjoy speaking to different people and helping them as a consumer and a friend.

I recently expanded my family and am looking for ways to earn an income from home to best provide for my family. I know that I can do anything I put my mind to and I would like to discuss in further detail how my qualifications and personality would be a benefit to you. I can be reached at bdschafer10@gmail.com or 815-545-7720. Thank you for your consideration and time looking at my resume. I look forward to hearing from you.

Beth Garrison

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Wildhearted Retreats

Hi Ashlie,
First, I love your website and mission. I just recently had to go through a process myself of “get out of your head” in the last few years. I am honest to a fault, flexible, accurate, direct, driven, and efficient. I am an extremely hard worker. I offer multiple IT and administrative skills. I have experience with WordPress, Mailchimp, Canva, Google Docs, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Hootsuite and I can handle almost any task thrown at me. What I do not know I am able to learn quickly. I promise to handle your business as if it were my own and hope to help you grow and reach people who need and want this in their lives. I am looking for 20-30 hours per week. I can always offer more if needed. If you believe I may be a great fit for what you are looking for please feel free to reach out.
Thanks so much,
Kelle Bollman

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