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Hi Ashlie,

I am so excited I came across your posting for a VA. I looked at your website and fell in love with what you are all about. My favorite fun fact was that you enjoy your coffee in the early morning on the patio because I do the exact same thing 🙂 I would love to give you a little information about me to see if I could possibly be a fit for your company.

Doing administrative work is what I LOVE! And doing it for a company that is helping people to become their best self is a dream for me!

You are looking for someone that can think outside of the box, has open communication, computer savvy with a positive attitude. I am a problem solver at heart and actually enjoy finding solutions in whatever form that may be. I definitely think outside of the box sometimes when the occasion arises. Communication is huge for me. I learned early on in my career, how important it is to communicate with people in a kind manner that they can understand. I have built up so many relationships by simply communicating with people. I have a technology background, so I do consider myself computer savvy, and always keep a positive attitude towards work and life.

You are looking for someone that has experience with Squarespace as well as MailChimp, Acuity, Zoom, Google Docs, and Canva. I have experience with most of this software, however, I am in the learning stage of a couple of them. I have not used Squarespace before, but I absolutely believe that I would have no issue learning it quickly, as I have had to pick up software for previous lines of work before, and have not had any issues. I am most familiar with Google Docs, Zoom, and Canva.

I have the availability for the required hours week that you need but also room to grow with you. You mentioned this possibly turning into a long-term role, and I would love the opportunity to grow with your business long-term. I am also flexible with my schedule, working some daytime hours as well as some evening hours. My current rate is $20 per hour.

I would love the opportunity to have a call and discuss with you in more detail my experience and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you,

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Dear Ashlie,

I am writing to apply for your Virtual Assistant position. Your WildHearted vision is something that I connect with personally and would love to help you grow. Upon looking at your website, I also see that we share an interest in photography. I am not a professional photographer but, it is a passion and love of mine. My photographs are one my most invaluable treasures.

As your Virtual Assistant I would work by your side to ensure you achieve your business goals. My mission is to help you by handling your behind the scenes responsibilities so that you can remain focus on growing your business. I believe I would be a good fit for this position based on my knowledge of a wide variety of computer programs which include but, are not limited to WordPress, OptimizePress, Aweber, LeadPages, and Jotform. My knowledge and experience allows me to easily take on nearly any task I am assigned. I am a very quick learner and welcome challenges as well. As a professional I pride myself on being detail oriented, organized, and dependable. I find satisfaction in completing assignments on time and with accuracy. My communication skills both written and verbal are excellent. If given the opportunity to become apart of your team I will provide your growing business with the support it deserves so that you can focus on the future.

Please feel free to contact me to set up and interview at your convenience. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ashley Hotsinpiller

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