Why do I enjoy writing product descriptions?

Of all the wonderful shapes there are in nature, it’s the sad misfortune of most products that they end up encased in some really quite uninterestingly shaped packaging. Not that I have anything against a square, say, or a cylindrical tube, but how glamorous would it be for a toothbrush to be wrapped in a 14 point star and silver sparkles or cereals to be surrounded by a nonagon.

Given the somewhat dispiriting start these poor products are given, wrapped in nondescript shaped cardboard or foam, it’s the joyful job of the designer or copywriter to fire the public’s imagination with words and colours. A balance of informative, factual and fantastical is ideal, with words conveying what the product is, how to use it and all the wonderful and inventive ways it can improve your life.

Words are never dull and planning ways to use them to inspire action is a great way to make a living.

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