Who is Jeneba Wint


Just to give you a little more about me, I am seasoned technical writer and copywriter who helps companies produce high-impact technical and marketing content. Through my work with Parsons Engineering, Conoco Phillips and Baker Hughes I have developed a strong expertise in creating well designed, clear and concise manuals as well as operational procedures that are appealing and easy to read for my users. My love and passion for creativity has afforded me the opportunity to develop online content and marketing copy in the industry as well. I have developed a keen understanding of the importance of testing and usability in formatting and design of my intranet content for my users experience. I am a digital storyteller who gains energy from new challenges and loves to connect people, big words and difficult concepts through technology. I am overly passionate about problem solving and finding new ways to do things. Most say I have a way with words -I am a content queen! I love the work I do!

Attached is my resume. Sound interesting? Should we connect?

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