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Howdy RJ and the BeerxWine Team,

We already have a lot in common. I’m the person at the table everyone looks to when ordering wine at a restaurant. I hope that’s because they trust my judgment and aren’t just intimidated by wine in general, but whatever the basis I do take the job seriously. My go-to status doesn’t simply have to do with my well-known enthusiasm when it comes to wine. I have a bit of a history with wine, and it so happens that I also have a lot of experience when it comes to creating content.

Before my most recent position, I was the Editor of Smart Living for PopSugar Inc. in San Francisco, CA. I was the first person in this role and responsible for launching the website and drawing in readers. The posting schedule was a rigorous eight posts per day on top of managing partnership opportunities and sourcing images for each post. I loved being pushed creatively and the energy that came with delivering information to people. While my content in this position did not include topics around wine or beer, one of the biggest reasons I moved to San Francisco was to be closer to wine country.

While studying at University of California, Santa Barbara, my editorial internship at Touring & Tasting Magazine started with finding recipes to pair with the wines of the month for club members and helping pack up the shipments. It quickly turned into a staff position that made me the publisher’s ghostwriter for his monthly letter to members and the person in charge of creating descriptions for the selected bottles. We participated in several tastings each week and I was able to learn enough about wine to love it, from the delicate growing process to the stories behind the labels.

I haven’t stopped educating myself about the topic and continue to take chances on new gear. A Vacu Vin is the newest addition to my home bar and I have yet to find a wine opener that I prefer to an old school opener. I’ve even curated the wine list for a family member’s restaurant, just for fun. My most recent position was an operating owner role, and now that I’ve relocated and transferred my ownership I’m eager to step back into a creative role and contribute to your growing blog. Thanks so much for your consideration.


Whitney Bania

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