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Website Manager


I’m Patti Garland, co-owner of Xeno Design – a web design firm in Palm Desert, CA. Reading your job description our skills will meet your needs and do so at a reasonable cost. We do everything in-house, no subcontractors, my husband and I will provide all services required.

Xeno Classix

Thank you,
Patti Garland

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Website Manager

Dear Dr. Berebichez,

I am following up from a prior email I sent to you on Wednesday, January 26th, 2016. I sent it directly to your email listed in the job posting. I hope you received it! If not, here is the prior text:

Good Afternoon Dr. Berebichez,
My name is Cynthia Nixon and I saw your listing on www.hiremymom.com. Let me first tell you that WE LOVE Outrageous Acts of Science in our house! We record every episode. It has been amazing for my kids (Lilli, 10 and Jack, 7) to see science explained in “normal” people language. Many congratulations on that show and all your own personal accomplishments as well. Absolutely encouraging to young women everywhere!

I wanted to share my resume with you to let you know that I have the perfect schedule and perfect experience for your needs at this time. I did some research (aka googled it) on Squarespace, and there are plenty of resources to learn that without any trouble. I built a website for a local elementary school using something similar.

I have worked in client management, sales, and customer service so you can rest assured that I would handle any inquiries with only professionalism. My client management experience was with professional athletes and traveling the world with them. I count that as boot camp into becoming the ultimate in customer service with a twinge of concierge. Can’t find it? No worries, I’ll get it!

I recently helped a friend get her social media off the ground from July 2015 through early January 2016. I did her graphics and creative work for Facebook and Twitter. Here are the links to check that out:

It would be an honor to work with somebody like you and yes, I do love science too!

I look forward to hearing back from you. I’ll reach back out to you by Thursday, January 28th, 2016, to be sure you got this.

Have a wonderful week, Dr. Berebichez and thank you for your time!

My best,

Cynthia W. Nixon

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