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To Whom It May Concern:

Most of my professional experience has been in organizations in which I’ve successfully led teams to achieve a common purpose. The tools and techniques I have developed from this background apply directly to the skills that a Front-End Developer should have in your organization: vision and goal oriented, creative, enthusiastic and loyal to the organization, and the ability to guide and direct the appropriate resources to maximize business revenues and provide superior information to educate our clients on our services. I know firsthand how important a reputation is for a company because I’ve directed a couple of professional businesses, and the reputation the company has is a direct reflection of just how impressive your entire staff must be. My skills in marketing, website design and development, mobile application development together with my ability to meet deadlines and be friendly and encouraging to co-workers, have contributed to my success in my chosen field. I have experience in both website and mobile application development and design. Companies I have been employed with, have increased productivity rapidly as well as gained recognition to the public due to my efforts. I have a record of designing and managing several websites and social media pages, resulting in experienced knowledge with several different design and development programs. I have a passion for coding and have branched off into learning several different types of languages. I also have a background in travel booking, data entry, and research development in my position as a Virtual Assistant for Zirtual Inc. I excel at sales and marketing from being Director for Hill Country Beverage where we sold packages and obtained credibility and publicity at a rapid rate. I would be beyond grateful for the opportunity to interview with you, and I have attached my resume as well for your convenience. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Heather Murdoch

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