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I was interested to see your job posting on Hire My Mom for a copywriter. As a virtual assistant who has done a considerable amount of copywriting on business topics, loves marketing, and has a flair for developing creative approaches, I am interested in talking with you to see if we are a good match.

Though I am attaching my resume for your consideration, let me point out a few things about my background might interest you. Prior to doing work at home jobs, I was the market research manager for an investment casting company. In the work-from-home world, I have held following positions:
• For the past four years I have done SEO-writing blogs, website copy, and articles for SEO Content Solutions. While most of their clients were based in the United States, there were some clients in Australia. I have done writing that was used by Fiat Chrysler for various car brands sold there, homebuilders, land developers, and a major work glove producer. The concentration has been on optimizing page content for SEO and on creating Google-friendly content.

• For the past few years, I have worked as a virtual copywriter but I have always been a writer. Most recently, I have written website content, sales letters, emails and autoresponders, free report content, and content and more, both as a contractor for VA companies and on my own. The focus in all my writing was on producing optimized content.

• Previously, I was the Team Leader of Blogging and Social Media for a company that worked mostly with real estate agents. I worked with agents to establish social media programs that gave them exposure and website traffic. I was known for my ability to analyze needs, develop programs, and accurately assess systems with insight and often, humor. I set up and worked with Hootsuite, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. I also managed a team of 10-20 people.

• As a marketing professional in both for-profit and non-profits settings, I am programmed to think about to market products and services. Most of my colleagues regard me as fairly creative and in developing marketing ideas.

• I have a positive attitude and a sense of humor. I have found that you can be honest in assessing situations without being negative. Armed with a sense of humor, you can get through most anything. Most people find me pretty amusing.
You mentioned that you wanted some samples of live articles, so I reference the following links:

• – I wrote virtually all the copy for this website

As I write a minimum of 50 articles per month, I have many samples from a variety of industries that I could send you in hard copy.

The job you advertise sounds like a great match for my interest and skills. If you agree, I would love to talk with you about this opportunity. You can reach me at (216) 383-8277, I hope to hear from you soon.


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