Webinar Producer Application

Hello Lori,

I hope this email finds you well. I am responding to your posting on Hiremymom.com for a Webinar Producer. I would appreciate the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about myself and my experience as a virtual assistant.

For more information on myself and my business, please visit: www.taskstar.com.

I have been working as a virtual assistant for the last 5 years and have extensive experience in WordPress. In 2013, I spent 1 year studying advanced web design with Sessions University online. During this program, I became fluent in HTML, CSS and WordPress. I also became proficient in the Adobe Software Suite.

Currently, I work as a virtual assistant for a limited number of small businesses. Some of my responsibilities and tasks include (but are not limited to): social media posting, blogging, WordPress website design and updates, mailings and personalized notes, data-entry, customer invoicing, order management/customer service, email newsletters, presentations (PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides), spreadsheets and much more.

I know you are looking for someone to produce webinars for your business. I want to be clear that I don’t have any experience with webinars (except attending them). That being said, I’m a quick learner and would love to have the chance to add this to my skillset as a VA.

My business is located in Houston. I have worked with clients all over the US and have a dedicated home office space with two computers and dual monitors.

I believe that my technical background and experience as a virtual assistant would make me a strong candidate for your position.

Please let me know if you are interested in discussing my experience further. I hope to have the opportunity to work together!


My current rate is $55/hour.

Here is what some of my clients have said about working with me:

Robin, CEO of REALM:

“Virtual Assistant” greatly under-represents Kate’s talents and gifts. She is extremely talented with attention to detail that is not often found. She has a “can-do” attitude and not only meets her deadlines but exceeds expectations while doing so. She has strong graphic skills for putting together very creative presentations, attention-getting advertisements, and professional report layouts and formatting. If she doesn’t know something, she admits it and does the research to figure it out. She’s a consummate and quick learner. In addition, Kate has strong inter-personal skills and is definitely a team player.”

Chad, Founder of Optimwise:

“Kate continues to impress me. She’s a swift learner and good communicator. She’s professional and organized, and completes work quickly. I like that she takes initiative, and sees herself as part of the team. I’ve had Kate handle digital marketing, research, analysis, and more. I highly recommend her!”

Lindsey, Owner of Lovely Day Events:

“Kate is fantastic! She is an all around solid VA and customer service professional. She assists with social media, inquiries, special projects and more so that I can focus on other projects. If I give Kate a project I don’t worry because I know it will be done well and done on time.”

Charlene, Founder of Tranquil Tuesdays:

“Kate is the ultimate VA who can help your business grow by freeing up your time, mind clutter, and stress. Kate is so good at getting things done thoroughly, precisely, and efficiently that you will luxuriate in the peace of mind knowing that 1/3 of your to-do list was just taken care of and you can focus on the other 2/3. Kate is a great communicator, very proactive, and a fantastic problem solver. Sometimes I wish I could just staff my whole company with a bunch of Kates.”

Tony, Founder of Stretch A Leg Travel:

“Kate is amazingly professional and efficient. She is also amazingly fast at her job. Compared with other Virtual Assistants and even my own full time staff team, I’d say Kate easily outperforms them by a large margin.”

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