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Dear Ms. Heather,

Allow me to introduce myself. I have a B.S in Computer Information Systems. I graduated in 2003 with Honors from CSU Stanislaus. In 2004, I got married and became a stay at home mom and was unable to return to full time employment.

However, during my time at home I got my real estate broker license, taught my self android programming, and iOS programming. Consulted and created demos using the little time I had.

I have a little experience in PHP, CSS, JQuery, web server, and more experience in databases, and HTML, but I know I can learn fast! My youngest is starting full-time school soon and I have time to focus full time on my career.

Ms. Heather, even if you have a less paying, $22 per hour, assistant position that would allow me to enhance my skills and maximize my potential, please consider me.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Ms. Fizza Mustehsan

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