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January 31, 2018

Schulyler Cunningham-

I am extremely interested in learning more about the Client Care Coordinator position with your company.

My work history ranges from 10 years of banking and finance to customer service, but all of my positions demanded professionalism, organization, accuracy and the ability to work quickly. I most recently worked remotely for a loan officer who was three hours away with great success, so I believe I will have no difficulty in taking on this position. I am flexible and take tremendous pride in my work. I am very comfortable with all Microsoft Office products and feel confident that learning new systems will not be an obstacle for me.

The most important qualification I have is being the mother of an adopted 9 year old girl whose life was changed by severe neglect and trauma. We recently found a local company, much like yours, that has decreased her medications, and implemented EMDR into her therapies. The effects have been nothing short of miraculous for her and the rest of my family. To say that I am passionate about this field of mental health is an understatement because it is personal to me.

I believe that I have many of the qualifications you are searching for. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the position at your earliest convenience.


Robin Nutter

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