Wakeman Agency

Dear Vanessa Wakeman:

While my resume is primarily focused on small business accounting, I have worn many hats during my tenure.

In the beginning, being the only other operational team member aside from the CEO, there were not many duties or projects that were thrown my way that I could not handle. Some of which were outside of my job description but needed to get done nonetheless. Of course, I’m also self-aware enough to ask for help when needed. Aside from day-to-day office management, I also kept a good eye on the needs and wants of the staff and CEO.

I’m confident I would be a great fit as your virtual assistant. I have worked with Salesforce for over 10 years and also handled all event planning for my previous employer. I’m sure my events pale in comparison to the events Wakeman has put on, but I believe all guest had a great time.

Attached is my resume for your review.


Jade Brophy

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