Dear Ms. Brooks,

I am a native English speaker and writer. As my resume attests, I have extensive background in the legal and financial sectors. As such, my writing skills are highly developed. I detect spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes easily. I find it easy to restructure sentences or paragraphs that do not flow properly. In addition, I am experienced at generating reports. My regulatory compliance background makes me a good fit for your training in identifying and rephrasing sentences that are making direct health claims. I am detail-oriented and deadline-driven. I love reading and am looking for a way to make money with some scheduling flexibility as “office-based” employment does not suit my goal of being highly involved in the life and education of my daughter who has a learning disability. I believe my skills and work ethic make me very suitable for your company. If, after reviewing my resume, you feel this might be the case, please send me a sample press release to edit as described in your advertisement.

Audrey Rasmusson

5539 McCandless Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15201-2227 USA

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