Virtual CFO

Dear Recruiting Manager,

I am very interested in your opening for a Virtual CFO. I am a mom with 2 years of experience as a CFO/Treasurer at Renusa Inc., 3 years of experience as a Finance Manager at General Motors and 3 years of experience as a Controller at Anaylsts International. I am also a successful music teacher currently running a home studio of about 30 students in the evenings.

My experience in Finance and Accounting covers a wide range including, but not limited to, Accounts Receivable & Payable, budgeting, financial analysis, risk assessment, forecasting, inventory management and general staff accounting.

I have handled multi-million dollar accounts at General Motors and billion-dollar revenues at Analysts International and am responsible for the overall financial health of Renusa Inc. at a smaller scale of half a million dollars.

Having been in the finance and music industry for about 20 years, I have learned that there is never only one way of doing things and it has motivated me to always rise up to the challenge of finding new ways to learn, teach, and work. The goal is to produce the best result I can at any given time in the most efficient and effective way.

I am seeking a challenging, yet rewarding opportunity and feel that I would be a great addition to your company, bringing a diverse set of skills to successfully execute my responsibilities. My resume will explain in far greater detail of my qualifications and I hope you find it well. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Joanne Gorney

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