Virtual Assisting Cover Letter for Dr. Molly Casey

Dear Dr. Molly,

I recently conducted a job search on and discovered that you have an opening for a Virtual Assistant at your company Molly Casey Inc. I feel that my education and experience have prepared me well for this type of position within your company.

My educational background and work experience is also well suited to the demands of working in the Virtual Assisting environment. I attended Fairmont State University where I successfully completed my Bachelor of Science in Biology. It was during my time earning my degree that I developed my strong attention to detail, work ethic, and strong organizational skills. Throughout my nine and a half years as an employee with Mylan Inc., I was able to better develop these attributes and expand on them. I am confident that my academic preparation and work experience have prepared me to become a perfect fit for you and your company.

I understand that your opening includes a position which involves various duties such as assisting, organizing, email support, customer support as well as other important functions essential to the efficient and competent operation of your business. If hired, my experience gained through previous employment will undoubtedly serve me as I become part of the your team.

In addition to my educational background in the sciences, I am currently enrolled in where I am continuing to develop my talents which I feel will make me a well qualified candidate for your position. In addition to the course I am involved with a mentorship program lead by an experienced Virtual Assistant/Graphic Designer. The course material has taught me how to work in the following programs WordPress, OptimizePress, Aweber, Jotform, and Clickfunnels amongst others. I have also learned how to market using email and social media along with how to build summits.

I would like to take a moment to discuss my prospective, which will undoubtedly serve as my compass throughout my career. My prospective comes from my faith, my family, and my friends; all of which give me strength when I need it the most. I will undoubtedly draw upon these invaluable resources during this new and exciting endeavor. Through all of these sources of strength and value in my life, I have gained a strong sense of who I am and where I want to be. If hired, I will work tirelessly to be a valuable resource to you and your company. I sincerely hope you consider allowing me the opportunity.

Thank you for your consideration,

Ashley N. Hotsinpiller

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