Virtual Assisting Cover Letter

With an expertise customer relations field, it is my pleasure to submit my resume for the Virtual Assistant position. I believe that up review you will recognize my profound experience working in consumer relations.
With my past experience in the consumer and assisting field, I have gained a strong ability to efficiently and tactfully communicate with others. Working in the customer relations field I have also gained the necessary skills to effectively manage time constraints with strong attention to detail.
One of the main job functions while working at Kelly Services and Target, is using networking and communicating via email and phone. I am currently responsible for responding to customer emails and maintaining a high level of service and customer satisfaction. While working with the ASPIRE Therapeutic Riding Center, it is my responsibility to schedule, blog and maintain website on a daily basis.
• Excellent honest communication
• Strong ability to virtually maintain customer satisfaction
• Dedication to completing all assigned tasks
• Strong track record of bottom-line responsibility and resourcefulness
With an in depth work history working in the customer relations field, and strong virtual work background, the position really intrigues my interest and I am looking forward to all future communication in creating a great experience for all involved.

Sincerely Yours,

Courtney K. Raines

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