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Hello, Gail.

Writing is my passion!

For more than 18 years I was a paralegal and worked for the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office and two law firms. During this time I was responsible for drafting legal documents which complied with court standards and were well-written, accurate, proofed, edited, and in final format. In these positions I also wrote two in-depth policy and procedure manuals.

In 1997, I started my own business and worked with entrepreneurs who required an array of services, including the drafting of business documents, creation of website content, and author services like editing, writing, and proofing. I have worked with several authors – sometimes beginning with a blank page and continuing through the completion of the project and, other times, starting with a book that was already started or finished but needed to be edited and/or proofread. I also acted as a sounding board to take these written works to the next level.

Three books I have collaborated on as editor are 1) Lawn Maintenance and the Beautiful Business, authored by Dave Tucker (listed in Acknowledgements); 2) Green Side Up, authored by Ed Laflamme (listed in front matter); and, 3) The Harvest Way 1.0, authored by Ed Laflamme and Bill Arman (listed in the front matter). Two of these books are listed on and the third one will be listed shortly. You can follow the links below to view attribution and a portion of the books.

My hourly rate is $27 to $30, depending upon my responsibilities.

Thank you for your consideration and time. I hope we will be able to work together.

Melodee Claassen
Business Remedies LLC

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