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RE: Real Estate Blogging Position

Dear Matt Angerer,

The motto I have always lived by is “Life is like a bicycle, you only fall if you stop pedaling”.
I live by the motto above because in life as long as you stay focused and pedal, you will get where you need to go. It may not be the path you originally set out on; but with hard work, a sense of direction, determination and a positive outlook, you will find your destination. I believe in continuous pedaling because it provides the balance needed to stay on the journey to a rewarding career choice.
Upon reviewing the posting for a “Real Estate Blogger” position with VerticalCloud, I was immediately excited and compelled to submit my resume for your review and a chance to be your next team member. I am a single Mom of three, a part-time Realtor, a Personal Trainer/Coach and have just entered into the blogging world. My plan was to blog on fitness but saw your posting and became inspired. I have a passion for writing and enjoy real estate. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in three years in Broadcast Journalism and while my career path has led me in a few different directions, my true passion is writing. I would love an opportunity for this position.
My professionalism, eagerness to learn and passion will make me an asset to your team. My accomplishments in life have made me a dedicated and understanding person who stays on the bicycle throughout my career. My resume is enclosed for your consideration, however it does not tell the whole story. I would love an opportunity to meet with you to discuss further my qualifications. I look forward to hearing form you.
Jennifer Hoffman

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