Valerie Pinette, Mind Maven

Hello Patrick,

Thank you for taking a moment to review my information. After 15 years of sustained success in supervisory/management roles as well as a Master’s degree in Human Resources, I’m taking my career in a new direction as a professional and would be honored to do so by joining your team.

I am a dedicated and resourceful professional across the entire gamut of operations and administration; involved in KPI’s & Metrics, Relationship Management, Customer Service, Legal and Statutory Compliance, Liaison & Coordination and Team Management. I have been working remote full time for the last 6 years.

Throughout a career that stretches back almost two decades, I’ve been fortunate to work for some great organizations (and people) in various leadership functions. During this time, I’ve earned a strong reputation based on streamlined operations, increased productivity, and consistently meeting deadlines set for myself and my teams. You’ll see the usual skills on my resume, but what you won’t see (but far more important) is the rapport I build with those I lead and my eagerness to go the extra mile for the good of the organization and our workplace in general. The combination of these characteristics and my professional background make me confident your operation will greatly benefit from hiring me.

Driven by high energy levels and technical competence, I’m pleased to present myself as an ideal candidate and would like to request a meeting to further discuss my qualifications and how we can work together to our mutual success. Thank you again for your consideration.


Valerie Pinette

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