VA that knows how to get the job done r-i-g-h-t

Dear Hiring Staff: October 2018

I am looking forward to learning the ins and outs of cross-training within the various roles that are mentioned for this role because it enlightens me to be in the trenches of an online business.

I have a background working as a Paralegal for Insurance Defense and Healthcare Corporate Attorneys. Aside from that, I have been in management roles in the Property Management industry sector of multi-family housing.

Currently, I am working seven days a month as a Substitute Teacher. However, it is time that I provide more for my family and am seeking a better paying role that fits my education background, skillset and qualifications.

Thus, I know how to maneuver various software including all of both Microsoft’s and Mac’s office software applications. I am also well-versed in providing customer service to clients that is warm, compassionate, yet attains the set business goal in mind.

I appreciate the opportunity to apply, and I certainly hope to be able to help your business in every facet necessary.

Kind Regards,

Mia J. Lyles

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