VA for Hire Ankrom

Dear future clients,
As you can see from my resume, I am in the process of transitioning from working in schools to working from home, or at least working from a computer that is mobile. I fully believe in educating our future, but had to take a step back from what I have been doing to what is best for my growing family, while continuing to exercise my skills throughout a career.
My husband’s job has moved our family several times over the past decade and a half. Starting and stopping my teaching career has been challenging and does not seem to be over soon. I have decided to take a different approach to my career that best suits my family and lifestyle. I chose to become a Virtual Assistant because I can continue to feed my desire as a life-long learner with a career like this. I can still provide a service to people, as in teaching, while completing jobs and projects that both myself and the client can be proud of. I can finally take charge of my own success with what I know and what I complete, while being available for my family when they need me.
With the increasing need for Virtual Assistants, I see this as an opportunity to venture out into a new career. I am excited and blessed to have found My VA School and the instructor, to fine-tune my current skills and knowledge, to best represent my clients and to produce high quality work that we all can be proud of. I am highly driven and intrinsically motivated to put forth all of me, to learn new skills and complete tasks. With the training I have gone through and continue to progress through, the strong support team of resources to complete a multitude of tasks and projects; the avenue for life-long learning is wide and long. I am excited to learn the ins and outs of so many different systems and software, to best provide for my clients.
I thank you in advance for making this career a reality. I look forward to speaking with you to meet your needs for your business!
Amber Ankrom

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