March 15, 2017

Dear Sonia,

For the past 17 years, I’ve worked full time as a database manager for an educational publishing company. I recently left that role to pursue a more flexible and part-time role that will better suit my family and personal needs.

While my previous position might not seem like an exact fit for a customer service role at TuffWraps, I do have experience following up with, and troubleshooting, customer concerns and queries for the website products I managed. As you’ll see in my resume, I have a pretty diverse educational background and thrive on variety and challenge in my day. I’m proactive and like to get things done and resolves problems, so I think I would very much enjoy this role.

Personally, I’m a married mother of two and I’m active and an athlete myself. I play soccer and softball, as well as take kickboxing and Zumba classes twice a week. As I close in on 40, I am very familiar with the injuries that athletes can acquire over the years and visit a chiropractor and massage therapist regularly myself, so I understand personally what your company is trying to accomplish.

I would love the opportunity to learn more about this role. I see that it says it’s part-time, but it also shows the hours of 9am-6pm, so I’m curious to learn how that would work and what the expectations are in terms of availability and flexibility. I’m also located in Michigan, so live in the eastern time zone.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Michelle Kazensky
c: 248.425.3426

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