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Transcriber – Hire My Mom


Lisa Steiner
16611 Grillo Dr.
Clinton Township, MI 48038

Dear Karen Barth,

I feel that I would be an excellent candidate for the Transcriber/Assistant position. I have excellent typing skills and have worked in other positions where all work done was on the computer.

In addition to my excellent computer proficiency, I have also worked with children for a number of years. As my resume shows, I have worked in a daycare setting for a few years. These jobs included special needs children in the classrooms and they were always a joy to work with. I have also tutored some special needs children in my area. I am a understanding and compassionate person and love working with disabled people.

I look forward to working for your company. Thank you for your consideration.


Lisa Steiner

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May 2, 2017
Via Electronic Mail

Re: Transcriber
Daily Transcription

Dear Daily Transcription:

I am writing to express my strong interest in the transcriber position with your company. Based on my experience in writing and attention to detail, I believe I would be an excellent asset to your organization. I am presently a lawyer and Director for a District of Columbia government agency and I’m looking for fun and create ways to make supplemental income.

In my present position, I am asked to review various laws, regulations and policies. During these reviews, I have to pay close attention to detail so that we can adequately interpret and implement the law. Throughout my tenure, I’ve had to transcribe minutes during live discussions and tape recordings. In addition, I regularly provide training for District employees, as well as private sector staff. Last fiscal year, I provided training for over a thousand employees and I’ve drafted legislation and regulations to implement the statutes the Office enforces.

Based on my experiences, I am certain that I would be an ideal candidate for the transcriber position. I’m conscientious and it’s my job to pay close attention to the details of any verbal or written discourse. Thank you for this consideration.


Alexis P. Taylor

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I’m responding to your job posting looking for an email transcriber. I have 12 years of marketing and sales experience, and recently have been volunteering and fundraising at my children’s schools.

I would really be interested in your job posting, I have a lot of computer experience, including having my own part-time social selling business, and once having my own Ebay store. I also have extensive marketing and online experience with my 3 previous employers.

I’m currently looking for a part-time job where I can work from home and work flexible hours and your posting sounds like a perfect fit. Please review my resume and let me know if we can set up an interview to speak more about the position, hours and responsibilities.

Thank you,
Sandra Stuart

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