Tracey Whetstine – Customer Support Specialist

I would love to assist you with providing not only exceptional customer service but in creating relationships with your clients.

I have over 20 years experience, working with customers both in the corporate world and for small business owners. My last position was completely virtual for a small business owner and team, so I am no stranger to working remotely.

Confidentiality, honesty, and diligence in every task, is one of my greatest strengths and has ensured that I have always been trusted with company secrets and tasks that will influence our reputation.

I love a challenge and the opportunities that come with it to find new and creative ways to ensure that things are not only running smoothly but even more proficiently. A challenge is another opportunity to learn.

Customers are a pleasure to work with even the ones who are a little upset and can be encouraged to have a positive experience when a situation is handled correctly.

I would love the opportunity to further discuss how we can work together.

Tracey-Lee Whetstine

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