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Tonita Cheese
4519 W. Fig Street, Tampa FL 33609 | 813.464.4603 |

February 2, 2018

Ms Amber Miller
Smart to Finish Office Solutions
549 E. Gail Drive, Gilbert AZ 85296

Dear Ms Amber Miller:

I was excited to read your posting for a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant on the hiremymom website.

My background includes serving many support roles for a wide variety of clients in different business areas. Before the joys of parenthood, I spent several years as an IT consultant. I learnt to quickly become familiar with varying business processes and styles of operation. More recently I have been involved in event planning and working at a local college. Both positions opened my eyes to marketing and how to successfully communicate with a target audience.

Although, I do not currently possess all the technical skills desired for this advertised role I am a quick learner and I enjoy a challenge. I have always been offered permanent jobs when I have worked as a part-time employee or contractor within an organization, because of my impressive work ethic and potential.

I was especially drawn to your company because of the genuine and honest nature of its employees. I feel I would be a good fit for your organization. I can be reached by telephone (813.464.4603) or email ( if you have any questions about my skills or experience prior to an interview.


Tonita Cheese

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