Tiny House Customer Service and Blog Photo Editor

Dear Alex,

I am excited to apply for the job opportunities you have posted on Hire My Mom. If you have not found the ideal candidates for your requirements, I have a unique proposition that I believe will benefit your company in many ways.

I currently provide part-time online customer service for a couple contract positions, and I absolutely love these roles. I am looking to expand in this field, and have room to add another part-time opportunity. I excel at customer service, have a natural ability to communicate effectively, and am keenly interested in the Tiny House movement. My husband and I are, in fact, in the preliminary stages of moving towards our own tiny house lifestyle!

This is where the unique proposal comes into play. My husband is in transition from traditional employment and is moving towards more online work. He, too, has room to add part-time employment to his schedule, and is an ideal candidate for the Blog Photo Editor position.

Our backgrounds combined include: teaching, writing and editing, facilitating, construction, interior design, human resources, operations management, graphic design, social media marketing, and customer service. All of these experiences are related either to your current needs, or future potential topic areas.

Specifically in relation to photo editing, my husband Scott, has edited photos to improve white balance, remove color casts, add artistic lighting filters, and used layers for a number of photo effects such as blurred backgrounds to enhance depth of field. He has added boke effects, tonal improvements, and corrected perspective distortions. In the past he has used Photoshop but currently works with an app called Affinity which has similar features to Photoshop. Scott has basic knowledge of html and css coding as it applies to WordPress, and he has sized, compressed and converted images to jpeg and png files prior to uploading to websites.

Scott and I have worked very successfully in the past as team members within the same organizations, and will be excited to do so again. We feel these roles with your company will pair ideally with our goals and aspirations as we embark on our personal tiny house adventure!

If you care to learn more about Scott’s background he will gladly forward a resume. Please find mine attached. We look forward to hearing from you on how you would like to proceed.

Kind regards,
Kathy Sherwood

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