Tiffany Smith’s Cover Letter

Dear prospective client,

Are you interested in working with a workaholic developer with over a decade of proven experience in web development, graphic design, and branding and marketing? Excellent!

As a veteran tech guru, I have worked with countless fortune 500 companies during my time at D2L, a multimillion dollar company where I developed learning management solutions for state departments of education, universities (Vanderbilt and Harvard just to name a few), and corporations around the globe. As an English and communications professor, I understand the technological challenges that many people face as well as what content gets noticed based on specific demographics. This makes me uniquely qualified to identify your target market and build solutions to best meet your specific needs. Who better to help you stand-out than a professor of marketing and communications?

I have been building websites from the ground up for approximately 15 years and know the trends, tricks, and customizations to get you noticed. These include building custom plug-ins, WordPress development, theme development, graphic design, and more. Fluent in HTML, CSS, and PHP, SEO, and well versed in developing membership sites, third-party integrations, customer portals, donation portals, course delivery solutions, ecommerce solutions, there has yet to be a project I can’t handle and deliver with the highest quality.

In addition, I’m also a business coach with a track record of helping business owners increase their visibility through proven social media marketing strategies, graphics, SEO, summit building, and sales funnels. Technology runs in my blood and I am ecstatic to share my wealth of knowledge and skills with you!


Tiffany Smith, A.B.D, M.A.
(530) 513-7044

Instagram: @gypseatia

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