The Virtual Assistant you are looking for!

Thank you first off, for taking a quick moment to read a little more about me! My name is Rachelle LeClair and I recently came across your post here on I would be excited to assist you in the areas you are looking for help in!

I come to you with 20+ years experience in the Administration Area, including some Recruitment, Management and Sales! I am someone who is flexible, eager to learn and am easy to get along with. I always aim to please and am open to listening, learning and growing! If you are looking for help in any kind of Admin capacity or social media/marketing….I can help! I also do have experience with using Trello and have managed CRM platforms before, etc. But, what ever else you do use, I am capable of picking up quickly!

As my background is fairly diverse I am someone that enjoys challenges and can adapt to many situations and responsibilities. Once I understand the direction you need me to go or the tasks you are requiring, I will get to it! BUT I am also someone that LOVES to think outside of the box as well! When I have the opportunity to do so….I will definitely act on that one!

Again, I thank you for taking a quick moment and I look forward to seeing if we can build a long-lasting Team together!


Rachelle LeClair
Phone: 587-215-9714

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