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Wendy Kunz
676 Knolls St W DeKalb, IL |815-739-1267|

Thomas Glanton
The Education Company
PO Box 362223
Decatur, GA 30036

Dear Thomas Glanton:

I am excited to apply for your administrative/ virtual assistant position with The Education Company. Helping schools find and implement solutions to their most pressing discipline issues is a great mission to have. I look forward to continuing my career with your education based company.

I have been involved with education throughout my career with Sylvan and will be able to help you make and return phone calls, draft proposals and schedule consultants to meet with schools and arrange travel. As a former business owner, I am very detailed oriented and organized. I managed multi locations and handled all scheduling for both students and parent meetings. I developed personalized plans for each student and arranged travel for staff to regional meets and our annual conference each year.

My background with Sylvan and my eagerness to help schools be more successful has me uniquely qualified to be your administrative/virtual assistant. I would love to join your team and help The Education Company continue the success that you’ve had for the last 27 years.

Wendy S Kunz

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