The Balanced Life Cover Letter

The Balanced Life
RE: Operations & Project Coordinator Position

Dear Becky Nobach,

The motto I have always lived by is “Life is like a bicycle, you only fall if you stop pedaling”.

I live by the motto above because in life as long as you stay focused and pedal, you will get where you need to go. It may not be the path you originally set out on; but with hard work, a sense of direction, determination and a positive outlook, you will find your destination. I believe in continuous pedaling because it provides the balance needed to stay on the journey to a rewarding career choice.

Upon reviewing the posting for an “Operations & Project Coordinator” position with The Balanced Life, I was immediately excited and compelled to submit my resume for your review and a chance to be your next team member. I exemplify leadership, clear focus, fierce determination and exceptional interpersonal skills. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in only three years, while working multiple jobs consecutively. I am a passionate woman who loves public speaking, coordinating events, creating new programs and working independently or with a team on projects with the pressure of a deadline. I truly enjoy this type of work as it allows me to showcase my attention to detail, problem-solving, customer service skills and the ability to build rapport and trust. .

My current job as a Realtor provides the opportunity to lead, manage and network but also allows me to be independent, organized and work multiple projects at a time while meeting strict deadlines. Coordinating, planning and negotiating are a big part of my job as a Transaction Broker. I get to manage and handle many deals, listings and buyers at the same time. My strength in this job is my ability to roll with problems that arise and to relate to customers and make them feel confident in choosing me. I have experience working remote which has enhanced my organization and time-management skills. Personal training allows me to partake in a flexible job that adheres to my strongest passion in fitness. I enjoy motivating my clients through physical training and expanding mental strength.

I worked at Capital Office Products in a dual role as an Account Manager and Outside Business Development Consultant. I managed over 100 accounts while continuously seeking new business with C-Level executives and decision makers. As I sold business products to medium-large businesses, I found my strength was in building the relationship, liaising between client and company and the ability to be available for customer support, while educating them. During my senior year in college, I was a Conference Coordinator for summer camps (this included The Arizona Cardinals) and it was the best job I have ever had. I worked with groups from beginning to end.

My professionalism, eagerness to learn and passion will make me an asset to your team. My accomplishments in life have made me a dedicated and understanding person who stays on the bicycle throughout my career. My resume is enclosed for your consideration, however it does not tell the whole story. I would love an opportunity to meet with you to discuss further my qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jennifer Hoffman

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