TGIN / Julie Judson

I love learning about new industries and products. I had no clue what Thank God It’s Natural was until I just did a search. Whether I get an opportunity to interview or not, I will definately try your products.

I have over 30 combined years of sales and marketing, customer service, and research experience. I am a mother of 4 sons (11,13,16, 18) that all play travel ice hockey and lacrosse. I currently run schedules for 8 teams. I am just one of those rock solid people that you know you can count on for help. Not sure if that is good of bad sometimes. I can offer a lot of stability, maturity, and organization.

I currently freelance with a distribution company for social media marketing. I track and do reporting for Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and email marketing through Salesforce. I volunteer teaching art to primary school kids during the year which I believe is the hardest position I have ever held!

I am looking for a position where I can bring value. I love working with people and when I can make others succeed around me… everyone benefits.

If you are still in need for assistance, I would love a chance to interview. I am on LinkedIn and Facebook under Julie Gelletly Judson.

Thank you,
Julie Judson

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