Tenured Marketing Professional to Help Your Team

Dear Hiring Manager,

For the last twelve years, I have dedicated myself to growing as a team member, manager, and leader of a brand consultancy specializing in the health and wellness space. During this period, I’ve done everything from manage exceptionally complex, multi-team projects to lead the development of multi-channel brand campaigns to build and grow teams to lead the company’s effort in strategic planning and development of new products.

As you can imagine based on these varying roles, I am a diagonal thinker, able to pivot quickly from high-level strategic conversations to the minutia of project management ensuring each detail is addressed. I’ve developed both standard operating procedures and custom work plans, training teams in these and holding them accountable. I pride myself on the ability to bring teams together and keep them together throughout the life of a project, fostering healthy communication channels and pushing to find new ways to efficiently bring projects to closure while meeting business objectives.

One thing I have yet to mention is the relationships I am able to build, not just with team members but with clients. During my ten plus years, I have had several clients that full length of time. I believe in honest counsel, having crucial conversations and, ultimately, making sure that my clients and teams have what they need to be successful. That, is what gives me the most joy and how I define my own success.

I would love the opportunity to discuss how I can bring my skills to your team.

Allison Van Pelt

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