Technical Virtual Assistant – Amanda Lawson

Hello there,

After finding your posting on and reviewing the details of your job posting, it looks like my skill set could be a great fit for what you are looking for. I have attached my resume with details of my experience, much of my recent experience aligns with what you need. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

I have more than 17 years of successful marketing skills, both online and off-line. In addition, I have previous experience working with the marketing and sales teams of some similar companies that focused on air quality within homes and businesses.

I offer you the following skills:

• Maintaining Multiple Websites since 2000
• Graphic Design
• Social Media Page Creation/Maintenance/Posts
• Copywriting, Proofreading, Editing
• Leadpage, Automation & Funnel Design
• Enthusiasm & High Energy

Although my resume contains some detail, I encourage you to check out my Linked-In profile for 3 different testimonials and multiple skills as verified by my peers. Again, I thank you for your time and consideration.

Amanda Lawson

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