Tech Saavy & Detail Oriented VA

Hi Tiffany,

You VA opening sounds wonderful! You want someone that is extremely detailed yet knows the technical side of assistance as well. THAT’S ME!

You are also looking for someone that can and WANTS to grow with you by improving systems and processes. If you look at my website, ( you’ll see that’s one of the areas I specialize in – so I think I COULD BE A GREAT HELP TO YOU!

You want someone that fits well with your mission and vision for your company – “Creating communities of women who unite in love, support and celebration’ – it’s VITAL to have that part of your VA be in sync with who you are as a company – I AM!

You not only need someone who can complete all of the tasks you need completed, but you need someone who can turn those tasks into truly helping your company grow – not just performing the tasks without thinking. I CAN DO THAT!

With all of this being said, I do need to let you know that the pay you listed on your positing would not fit in my pay scale. With my experience and knowledge, I would need at least $35 an hour to complete this work. If you should decide you’d like to talk about my experience and skills, I’d love to talk with you as well!

I hope to hear from you soon!


Stephanie Brodt

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