Tech-comfortable VA Application from Charlotte, NC

Tech-comfortable VA Application from Charlotte, NC

“Hey there NK, what’s happening in New Zealand?

My name is Susan Orrell, I’m comfortable with technology, and love checklists. I’d like to apply for the job you posted”

As someone living with rheumatoid arthritis, I know what it’s like to live with chronic pain. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years since my diagnosis, researching ways to deal with it, so writing about it just comes naturally. Additionally, having reached a point at which my pain is typically minimal, I provide a unique perspective of the subject.

Something else I bring to the table is a passion for empowering others to take control of their health. As the healthcare system becomes increasingly unmanageable, I believe it’s essential we all know how to take care of ourselves as much as possible. That way we aren’t so dependent upon an unreliable system.

As an English major in college, I wrote extensively and helped friends successfully write and edit their work. Since then I have written everything from product descriptions to blog posts to technical works. In addition to freelancing, I have written professionally for a major marketing firm in my area.

I look forward to adding to your growing list of helpful blog posts, such as “Is the Fear of Pain Controlling Your Life”, and “Are You Ready to Transform?” and “It’s all in Your Head: Chronic Pain and Your Brain.” Add in some video posts and the chance to learn a few new things and this job sounds like fun!


Susan Orrell

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