Swift, Susan M., Customer Svc. Rep, Easy Fermenter

July 25, 2016

Mr. Gavin Berman
Nourished Essentials
306 Harbord
Toronto, Ontario m6g1g8 CA

Dear Mr. Berman:

Yes! I love both sauerkraut and pickles!! I was raised on homemade kraut made in a 5 gallon crock as well as always having dozens of quarts of canned pickles available. Personally, I am very nutrition conscious, and know that a person’s overall health is represented by the health of their gut. Fermenting foods is the right step in the probiotic direction.

I am applying for the Customer Service Representative position for the Easy Fermenter product. I have an extremely varied background of 4 positions, some concurrent, within the last 25 years. I am comfortable with technology and have an eye for proofreading. (Give me a call and I’ll point out an obvious typo on your website!)

Please consider me for this position as I am interested in working with businesses who want to effect positive change!

Take care.

Susan Swift

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