Stephanie Metcalf – Executive Assistant

Hi Doug,

I came across your opportunity for the Executive Assistant position for iVention. I am excited to learn more about the position as well as explain how I can support you. I looked at your website and as someone who has come from a background in technology, I think what your company is doing is very cool!

You are looking for someone that is able to handle administrative tasks as well as some research and project management tasks. After looking over your requirements, I do feel that I have sufficient experience to meet the demands of your company. I am very familiar with Google Calendars, as well as Google Docs, and Microsoft products. I believe that my background in technology could be a huge advantage for the both of us, as I can easily understand the processes in which it takes to set up facilities from start to finish.

Additional skills that would benefit you are that I am an excellent communicator, very organized, detail oriented, and reliable. I am very personable and enjoy a good challenge. I am a problem solver at heart, so I tend to be very well at resolving issues for people.

I would love the opportunity to have a call and discuss with you in more detail my experience and answer any questions you might have.

Thank you,

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