Startup Assistant


I am interested in your position as a startup assistant. First of all, I LOVE to read. I prefer physical books to digital, but I have been reading more digital lately just because I can do so in bed, but I prefer the feel of real books.

Secondly, I have 15+ experience working in web design, graphics, social media and administrative work, so I think I would be a good fit to help you out. I started a company years back with my partner to create a video game and it ended up doing really well. It was new to us both – the whole business side of things, so I am very familiar with starting things from the ground up.

I also have my own web design business, which also focuses on administration and social media management. I have experience with programs such as WordPress, Mailchimp, Acuity Scheduling, Google Docs, Canva, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Hootsuite, all the social media platforms, basic bookkeeping and am very technical (I can build computers too!). You can check out my websites at and

I am also experienced with project management programs such as JIRA, Asana and Trello (love all 3!). I live in the west coast (PST) if that makes a difference.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

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