Stacey Doyle Shenanigans

Monday, June 4, 2018

Stacey Doyle
Stacey Doyle Shenanigans

Hello Stacey,

I am applying to the part time Administrative / Virtual Assistant position posted on I am looking for part-time, flexible work at this time.

The position would be a very nice fit because I have experience as an Administrative Assistant and as a Virtual Assistant. Specifically, my position with Black Spectacles began as a Virtual Assistant which required strong administrative and project management skills. This position also required excellent Excel skills, tracking customer information and daily, weekly, monthly sales activity.

I do have a little WordPress experience having started a blog for fun many years ago. You can see the blog at It has been neglected lately but it should provide a nice sample of my writing and photography skills. English is my primary language and I do enjoy writing.

My skill sets are diverse because I am strong proponent of learning new ones.

I hope to have the chance to speak with you further about the position and how it can be a mutual fit for Stacey Doyle Shenanigans and me.


Autumn Burns

Autumn Burns

(630) 248-1496

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