Social Media Manager, SM Strategist, Virtual Assistant


I am an experienced, talented, creative, and disciplined Social Media, Digital Marketing and Branding expert. I am pursuing a long-term position with a company or entrepreneur needing help with their online presence, social media, SEO and other digital platforms that make your company awesome online.

Digital marketing works extremely well when all of the tools in your marketing toolbox are coordinated and working together like a fine-oiled machine. Your organic SEO becomes the most powerful when all of your web pages are optimized with quality, keyword rich content and you are carrying the same keywords and content throughout your social media channels. I have over a decade of experience building and implementing social media strategies for businesses that have helped them grow successfully using the above tactics.

At risk of sounding a bit bonkers, I fear I am a bit militant when it comes to branding. However, it is my philosophy that branding is where your business begins and ends, and everything in between either benefits or destroys you.

I have developed my own SM strategy outline that is easy to follow and adjust, as needed, based on performance results. I have used this outline to build custom SMM strategies for other businesses for them to utilize, as well as the launch pad for other on-going working partnerships. However, I am also good with following or working with a plan you may already be implementing.

Creating captivating and valuable content is key, but understanding the analytics and the ability to adjust accordingly is crucial. My solid combination of a creative voice and an analytical brain (uncommon combo), helps us BOTH excel in the digital marketing world. I also bring with me a solid background of writing copy, creating graphics, building digital ad campaigns and a clear understanding the enigma that is social media.

In this growing world of freelancers, there are many factors that set me apart from the other talent and experience out there, but the biggest is my attention to detail, organizational skills and the ability to understand your brand and develop your unique social “voice” and creatively represent your company to get the best return on your investment. My ability to meet deadlines and work with diverse teams and individuals, have also contributed to my successes.

My passion for social media keeps me seeking the latest updates and best practices in the digital world, and since I’ve been a freelancer for nearly 2 years, I have developed a strong sense of discipline and am able to manage my time extremely well.

I prefer to work with long-term clients due to the necessity of absorbing the brand, core values, and goals, but I’m open to short-term contracts as well.

But enough about me! I would love the opportunity to learn more about you and how I can help you take your business to the next level.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Stacie Woodside

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