Single Mom, Former Large-Outdoor-Retail Product Manager and Back-to-the-Lander, at your service.

Dear Chris,

While perusing the want-ads on “Hire My Mom”, yours jumped out at me. It is rare that i come across a job that seems so well suited to me.

I am a person who is driven by the desire to help to make this world a better place. I believe that first and foremost, our connection to nature is the key to saving this planet. As such, I have worked in the Outdoor Retail Industry as a Product Manager/Buyer for MEC (Canada’s version of REI), and after the birth of my kids, I started my own online retail and small distribution business for organic skin care and clothing.

I lived for 13 years on a remote acreage with no neighbors, and I raised my kids there, had chickens, outhouse, big garden, etc.

I understand the lifestyle that you are sharing with your clients and I know that I can help you get your job done. I am comfortable with technology, I am driven and determined to do quality work. I am also very creative, and can work with photos, create banner ads, newsletters, etc.

I am Canadian, living right on the BC, WA border, and I have done some freelancing work for other like-minded American businesses.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,


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