Silicon Legal Strategy – EA Cover Letter

Hi Shelby,

After review of your open Executive Assistant position, I would be a great addition to your growing team. While my resume doesn’t contain a title of Executive Assistant, the duties of this role have been included in both my corporate and small business positions. I am highly proficient in the Microsoft Office suite particularly including Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint. In my last role, I managed an Account Management department where I regularly presented to management for Boeing as well as my company as it concerned our 75+ domestic and international suppliers. Another main duty I had was to handle the project management for projects involving 4-60 people at a time including executive management. The coordination required to bring 60 peoples schedules together, sharing calendars, and keeping everyone on the same page with the right information allowed my problem solving skills to be fully exercised.

I am an excellent communicator and consider professionalism and customer service my best qualities. I do completely agree with your statement that issues can be avoided by a high level of communication. I have six years of corporate experiences and another two years in the small business world. I also hold a Masters degree in Business with a bachelors in International Business. During these roles, I regularly worked from home so also understand the unique requirements necessary to work successfully in this setting. This role also appeals to me because I would have chosen a role in the legal field if I had gone in a different direction early in my career. I know I would be highly effective in this role. I would love to speak with you more regarding your needs to see how I can help your business run more smoothly.

Kind Regards,
Amy Tofaute

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