Silicon Legal Strategy

To: Shelby Lovitt
Company: Silicon Legal Strategy

Dear Shelby,
I hesitate to respond to this job application as I have not previously been a virtual assistant. I have worked in various fields but never virtually. This would be new ground for me and you may want to stop reading right here.
After reading the job description for Remote Executive Assistant, I knew I needed to apply. In my various work environments, I have learned the importance of diplomacy, attention to detail and great communication skills. This job excites me and is something I would be interested in pursuing.
According to the job description, I could be the woman you have been awaiting. My confident, self-starter attitude is something I pride myself on. I have a keen attention to detail and often think ahead about how conversations, emails and actions could affect clients, friends and coworkers. My writing is nothing noteworthy, but I have held positions for a newspaper as an intern and know the “dos and don’ts” of the email world. My husband jokes that my note taking could be turned into a novel as I am very detailed about listening and wanting to complete a task well the first time. The demeanor I take with clients is one of professionality and class. Technology is an area I am proficient and use daily. Serving others is core to my values as an employee and personally. Lastly, I am not afraid to pick up the phone and call you or a client when needed. I think this is a lost art in the world of phones and screens.
I would be honored to have the chance to work with you Shelby and look forward to hearing from you should you decide to reach out.
Attached is my resume. I hope to hear from you soon.
Charlotte Cantrell

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