SignalFire, LLC

May 4, 2018

SignalFire, LLC
RE: Job Posting for Part-Time Administrative Assistant

To Whom It May Concern,

I am confident that my extensive experience of over 10 years in administrative, management, and customer service positions combined with my level of education would serve as a valuable asset to SignalFire, LLC. I believe I would be a perfect fit for your part-time Administrative Assistant position because of my unique experiences in multiple industries that have afforded me a number of valuable skills. I pride myself on great customer service, am very detail-oriented, and love to problem-solve. As detailed in my resume, I have held a number of positions where administrative functions were an integral part of the job. The timely and accurate completion of the required functions associated with these positions was crucial to the success of each of the businesses I worked for. My passion for efficiency and overall customer satisfaction make me a wonderful candidate.

In looking at my current position as a consultant to a property management company, I have been responsible for a varied range of tasks which have included light bookkeeping, customer service, drafting, administrative tasks and program management among many other responsibilities. Prior to my position as a consultant, I was the Director of Property Management in which I oversaw the property managers and developed the standards of operation in order to create more efficient operations within the company. Preceding this, I worked for Legislative Services Office where I was responsible for providing support to the Executive Director as well as the Chief Operations Advisor and I was also responsible for other duties such as managing the Capitol Tour calendar, public relations, and bookkeeping. Overall, I would have to say that I enjoyed the diverse range of responsibilities and being able to apply my practical knowledge. I believe that the position with SignalFire, LLC would allow me the opportunity to put my extensive background and hard work ethic to best use while also allowing me the benefit of a flexible schedule.

I have a variety of skills developed through past work experience that directly relate to this position to include administration . I possess an ability to successfully work independently as well as remotely in capacities that require strong social communications and needs assessment skills. I enjoy working with people and have an excellent ability to work with both internal and external contacts while always maintaining a poised and personable personality. I am a quick and adept learner who handles stressful situations well.

My resume has been submitted to further acquaint you with details regarding my background and experience. I am confident that I would be a great fit and look forward to your response. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Lisa K. Weaver

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